TTG CE2 Cart update

The CE2 updates hit last night in one big pile. Now it's a new day, and time I wrote about each of the releases. The CE2 releases are major new versions, indicated by a whole number jump in version numbers. The exception is TTG CE2 Cart, which has gone only from version 1.2.x to version 1.5.x. This means several things.

First, upgrades are free to all existing users. Because this is not a major version leap, it is not a paid upgrade. Second, it means the cart has not been overhauled the way that the other engines have been; that's coming in version 2.0 which is, at this point, a long term goal. In going to CE2, we took the existing cart, fitted it into the CE2 framework, then made incremental updates to the existing feature set.

The easiest way to explain what's new is to treat the CE2 framework and the cart functionality as separate items.

The CE2 framework brings new design features and gallery support to the cart. These additions are mostly cosmetic, and allow you to create a cart that is visually cohesive with the new CE2 engines. The Core Elements 2 Framework section of the wiki outlines the basics.

In addition, the cart has been updated with support for the new CE2 galleries: TTG CE2 Highslide Gallery, TTG CE2 Horizon and TTG CE2 Photoswipe Gallery.

In terms of functionality, existing users should find the cart very familiar. Ben has made some updates to the cart for the 1.5.x release, though. These updates a detailed in the cart's changelog, but here's a rundown of new functionality:

The SELF_COLLECTION_ENABLED and DIGITAL_DOWNLOAD_ENABLED features remove shipping charges from the cart when the user opts either to download or pickup their order (i.e. when the order is not being shipped).

Pursuant to conversations in the support forum, several new tax-related options have been added. SALES_TAX_COUNTRY, SALES_TAX_STATE, TAX_DIGITAL_DOWNLOADS and DISPLAY_TAX_UPFRONT provide various means for users to conditionally tax orders in accordance with local commerce jurisdiction.

And for those who have wanted to create breaks in their drop-lists, there is now an option to use a separator, SELECT_SEPARATOR.

So, that's what's new in the cart. I should also mention that Ben is away with his family on holiday for the next few weeks, so will not be checking in with the forum as frequently as he usually does. In his absence, I will attempt to respond to whatever questions may arise.

2 Responses to “TTG CE2 Cart update”

  1. David says:


    2 questions if I may in respect to ‘digital download’ described in the 26 Dec 2011 post about CE2 CART.

    Can I correctly assume that after the customer has paid by paypal, and checked out, that the file bought is automatically downloaded to their email address i.e. that they do not need to wait until I have gotten around to reading my emails?

    And, if the answer to the above is yes, then as odd as this might seem, can I use TTG cart to sell audio files (such as mp3) instead of JPG’s?


    · January 15, 2012 @ 10:10 am

    • Matt says:

      The “Digital Download” option we’ve built in currently only affects the cost of shipping (i.e. nullifies shipping costs for downloadable goods). The cart does not currently support delivery of downloadable goods.

      · January 15, 2012 @ 10:35 am

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