New! GallerySearch for CE3

Today, something brand new. GallerySearch for CE3 is a new add-on that allows visitors to search your published, public image galleries by keyword.

Using GallerySearch requires CE3 Gallery 5.2.3 and CE3 Publisher.

You can see the search in action on Daniel Leu’s site, on Rod Barbee’s site, or on my own site, Campagna Pictures.

Get the GallerySearch for CE3 add-on in our shop for $25, or for more information check out the documentation, or read on.


GallerySearch is a search module that plugs into The Turning Gate’s CE3 powered websites that use the CE3 Gallery and CE3 Publisher components. This is the easiest way to add image search to your CE3-built website. It integrates smoothly into your existing site and uses the same layout as your gallery pages.


  • Simple installation, no custom coding required!
  • Searches caption, title, filename and keywords
  • Shows matching image galleries and search terms
  • Results displayed using CE3 Gallery view
  • Search results pages support TTG CE3 Cart integration
  • Supports permalinks and Pinterest on search results pages
  • Creates log files for search usage analysis
  • Paginated search results to keep page load under control

Strictly speaking, GallerySearch for CE3 is not a TTG product. The add-on is developed by Daniel Leu, with The Turning Gate’s approval, and Daniel will be handling all inqueries and support regarding the add-on.

The CE3 Gallery 5.2.3 update released last week includes some accommodations for the add-on, which we implemented so that setup would be super easy for users to do. And we have setup a dedicated support forum for the add-on in our forum where Daniel will be fielding your questions.

During the last year, Daniel has established a good name for himself in the TTG community as an active participant in our forums. He has written a number of tutorials about using the CE3 plugins, and implementing various customizations via our PHPlugins extensibility framework. He has also lent his expertise to other users, helping to resolve PHPlugins-related support issues.

We’re happy to be collaborating with Daniel to bring you his latest, most ambitious enhancement to CE3 image galleries.

2 Responses to “New! GallerySearch for CE3”

  1. Thanks for this great new feature!
    Easy to set up and works nicely.

    · February 27, 2014 @ 1:05 pm

    • Daniel Leu says:

      Great to know that you got GallerySearch up and running without problems. Looks great on your site!


      · March 3, 2014 @ 10:32 pm

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