Selling the big Issuu on small displays

I've just today heard about Issuu for the first time. Issuu claims to be "the fastest growing digital publishing platform in the world," and allows you to "display your publication online in a beautiful digital reader." But their embedded reader is not responsive, and that's broken. Let's fix it.

The code and the process of implementing it I have written out in our wiki, so you can access it there. The intent of this blog post is simply to provide you a hands-on example of the enhancement.

I was pointed to Issuu by photographer and TTG user Russ Widstrand, who asked for some assistance embedding his publication, Conversations, into his WordPress blog running our theme.

This is Conversations, using the raw embed code from Issuu:

It's not responsive, and on small devices -- such as on iPhone -- it overflows the boundaries of the display. Our WordPress theme being highly responsive, the embed's lacking in this regard annoyed me.

This is Conversations with our fix applied, now responsive:

The fix is a bit of Javascript, applied using our PHPlugins extensibility API. With PHPlugins enabled, it's basically a copy-and-paste job.

A disclaimer. I'm wholly unfamiliar with Issuu, and I'm not advocating its use. Apart from its questionably spelt name, it looks to offer an interesting venue and method for publishing one's content into the world. You may find it worth a look.

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