CE4 Client Response Gallery AVAILABLE NOW


CE4 Client Response Gallery is available NOW, and the CE4 family is now fully assembled. Huzzah!

This new version is absolutely massive, a complete overhaul and a major step forward for the product.

CE4 Client Response Gallery facilitates communication between the photographer and client following a photo shoot. The photographer posts a gallery of images online, and the client is able to make selects and provide feedback, sending that information to the photographer's email address for further processing.

The photographer hosts galleries on their own website, and the gallery is highly customizable, visually and behaviorally.

Presentationally, CE4 Client Response Gallery shares DNA from CE4 Gallery, so includes the same CE4 improvements to gallery layout and lightboxes, and most of the same options for visual customization. And, of course, the gallery is fully compatible with CE4 Publisher. In fact, using the client response gallery together with CE4 Publisher unlocks even more new features.

This version fully abandons the Form-to-Email script from formtoemail.com, which previous versions relied upon. Instead, the gallery now uses proprietary mail functions, offering built-in spam prevention and greater reliability for delivering messages. This has given us greater control over the processing of messages, as well as the formatting of those messages. Big improvements here include:

  • built-in anti-spam measures
  • improved reliability for email delivery
  • client feedback is backed up and viewable online from within the TTG BE admin interface
  • messages include feedback in comma-separated lists, useful for image filtering in Lightroom's Library module; feedback is also itemized and presented in a human-readable format for easy reading.
  • Thanks to the gallery's new databasing, we've also been able to implement several highly requested features.

In past versions of the gallery, all images had to appear on a single page and very large galleries would bog down significantly. New in CE4, galleries may be paginated! Spanning multiple pages allows each page to load more quickly, and keeps performance high even browsing on mobile devices.

In publisher-managed galleries, gallery filtering has also been improved to support pagination. When enabling the filter to view only selected images, the gallery will pull together selected images from all pages in the gallery, allowing the client to review selects side-by-side, even if they previously appeared on different pages in the gallery.

Client selects and feedback are saved in real-time to the database when using CE4 Publisher. This allows clients to quit the gallery and resume at a later time, and prevents the accidental loss of work.

Overall gallery performance and stability have also been significantly improved, as we are now able to store information in the database, rather than having it reside in browser memory. This eliminates significant overhead from the gallery.

Used together with CE4 Publisher, CE4 Client Response Gallery also has Client Management features. You may create client accounts, then assign image galleries to those accounts. When a client is logged in, they will be presented a list of their galleries; these galleries will be protected from unauthorized access, and you may choose to hide galleries from appearing in gallery indexes using CE4 Publisher.

Get / See

Get it in the shop.

See the demonstration.

Pricing and Upgrades

Let's talk about the elephant. CE4 Client Response Gallery comes with a price hike to $50 USD. Previously, I developed the client response gallery entirely on my own, and me being a designer above all else, there were limitations to what the gallery could do. For the CE4 version, Ben has joined the project to supply programming duties, allowing us to implement many new, frequently requested features (saving, pagination, client management, etc.), and to overcome many of the limitations of the older versions of the plugin. We've put more time and resources behind CE4 Client Response Gallery than anything else we've ever made, so the price hike is not only justified, but we think it's more than fair.

For those of you upgrading from the CE3 version, we are offering upgrade pricing depending on the date of purchase:

  • For those having purchased the client response gallery since the launch of CE4, the full amount of your original purchase will be discounted from the upgrade price. We are only asking that you pay the difference between the CE3 and CE4 versions.
  • For older purchases, we are providing a discounted upgrade.

To claim your upgrade discounts, lookup your existing order for CE3 Client Response Gallery. The discount will be attached to your order in a TXT file. Check out CE4 Client Response Gallery from our shop, and use the discount during the checkout process.

Integration with other CE4 products

Of course, CE4 Client Response Gallery plays nicely together with other members of the CE4 family. To get up-and-running successfully, be sure to upgrade to the new TTG-BE 2.0.3 (included with your CE4 Client Response Gallery purchase), and if using CE4 Publisher, then you will need to be running the newly released CE4 Publisher 2.2.0.

We have detailed these updates in a separate blog post.

13 Responses to “CE4 Client Response Gallery AVAILABLE NOW”

  1. Robert says:

    For those of us who are new to The Turning Gate products (and website building), it would be nice if somewhere near the top of your announcement for the CE4 Client Response Gallery, you described what the product is and/or what it does. Once I get my CE4 website up and running, I might be interested in other TTG plugins, but I need to know what they do first – in layman’s terms.



    · January 21, 2015 @ 12:10 am

    • Matthew Campagna says:

      Hi Robert,

      You are right, of course. An oversight I thank you for pointing out. I’ve added a brief description to the article above, reading:

      “CE4 Client Response Gallery facilitates communication between the photographer and client following a photo shoot. The photographer posts a gallery of images online, and the client is able to make selects and provide feedback, sending that information to the photographer’s email address for further processing.

      “The photographer hosts galleries on their own website, and the gallery is highly customizable, visually and behaviorally.”

      · January 21, 2015 @ 12:23 am

  2. Jan Bon jr says:

    Awsome update Matt!

    This plugin is what i’ve been waiting for to upgrade to CE4. Can’t wait to try out all the new features. I especialy like that selections are saved. Thats just awsome!


    · January 21, 2015 @ 3:08 am

  3. George OMara says:

    I use lightroom 5 for everything. Unfortunately, when I upgraded to the latest Lightroom 5 last year none of your products are recognized by the plugin manager. I’ve tried everything and the products I purchased and later upgraded to are useless. I am using OSX 10.10.1 on an IMac. Lightroom allows me to upload their web formats which is at the web site. Your products worked prior to the upgrade. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    · January 21, 2015 @ 5:16 pm

    • Matthew Campagna says:

      Hi George,

      Web engines have NEVER been supported by Lightroom’s plugin manager, and must be installed manually according to the procedure outlined in our install guide. This has been the case since TTG Day One, back in 2007.

      The only plugin we offer that installs through the plugin manager is the plugin portion of CE4 Publisher.

      · January 21, 2015 @ 6:52 pm

  4. Stan says:

    I looked at the demo from GET/SEE above. I noticed that the images zoom in and out when you use the right arrow key to progress to the next image. Can you turn that off so that it fades from one image to the next without the zoom?

    Also when on upgrades from CE3, do all the settings migrate to the next version, or do they have to be re-entered?


    · January 23, 2015 @ 2:58 pm

    • Matthew Campagna says:

      Settings do not carry over from CE3, sorry.

      You can also use the standard Highslide Slideshow or Magnific presentation options, should you prefer them to the Comparative view.

      · January 24, 2015 @ 11:14 pm

  5. John says:

    When you navigate pictures in Firefox they zoom to the top of the screen effectively hiding the navigation tools.

    · January 26, 2015 @ 7:49 am

    • Matthew Campagna says:

      I see nothing in Firefox that is problematic or behaviorally different from any other browser.

      · January 27, 2015 @ 10:48 pm

      • John says:

        Must be wrong in all browsers then….. 😉

        · January 28, 2015 @ 2:24 am

        • Matthew Campagna says:

          Obviously, not. We’d have noticed.

          · January 28, 2015 @ 9:37 pm

  6. Dave Rounds says:

    I’m very interested in upgrading to the CE4 version of Client Response Gallery. That said to me it’s essential that the image metadata continue to be displayed. Is metadata handling still supported at least as well as the CE3 version of CRG?


    · February 12, 2015 @ 9:26 am

    • Matthew Campagna says:

      Yes, of course. Metadata can be displayed on the thumbnail grid, in large-image captions and titles, or in the feedback panel for each image.

      · February 12, 2015 @ 9:12 pm

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