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Photographers, the Internet desperately needs what you have to offer.

I write to you today, because there is something important that I need to share with you, that I want you to know. And it’s not about product updates or developing features, it’s not about selling software or promoting The Turning Gate. Today, bring you a message of positivity. I want to talk about you. Yes, YOU. YOU are the Internet’s most vital resource. ... Read more

A Near-future Roadmap for CE4

This latest round of updates marks a turning point for CE4. With the release of CE4 Gallery 6.1.0, things are likely to be settling down for the triumvirate of Cart, Gallery and Publisher, where we’ve been devoting most of our time since the CE4 launch. Masonry and Iconic layouts are in for Gallery, the Cart ... Read more

Essentials, Next Steps and Deep Cuts: looking to iTunes as inspiration for image gallery organization

In Apple’s iTunes music store, iTunes Essentials presents curated introductions to specific artists and genres of music. In a stroke of absolute genius, they throttle the experience by offering a set playlists of increasing depth. We can — and probably should — look to this example when designing our image gallery presentations. ... Read more

Processing Workflow: Meaning in the stars

Following my recent interview on the Victoria Bampton’s blog, I’ve received some comments and messages about my processing workflow, specifically relating to my rating system for images. I’m traveling through Vietnam at the moment, shooting a lot of new images along the way, and thought I’d use some of my downtime and new images to ... Read more

On Watermarks and Preventing Unauthorized Image Use

This evening I stumbled upon an article on another expat’s blog dated February 2013 running two of my photographs, without permission and without attribution. This article was listed first under the blog’s Top Posts, making it the most-read article on the site. As you might expect, the unauthorized and unattributed use of my images put ... Read more

Get down with Markdown

Happy Lunar New Year, friends. It’s a relatively quiet afternoon in Seoul today, and some new Markdown editors have been brought to my attention by Patrick Moll. As you may already know, CE2 web engines support Markdown formatting in major content areas. Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to ... Read more

Community Spotlight: Imagezs Photography

Photographer Elvis Milic is a Houston-based photographer operating under the brand Imagezs Photography. His areas of focus are weddings, portraiture, architecture, corporate functions, sporting events and more. Elvis recently tapped into The Turning Gate to rebrand and redesign his website. The end result is a fantastic synergy of branding, design and imagery that I’d like ... Read more

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