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Lightroom CC/6 – The Missing FAQ Now Available

At long last, Victoria Bampton’s latest book, Lightroom CC/6 – The Missing FAQ, is available for purchase. Consistently, version-to-version, this has been my favorite Lightroom book, and the first I reach for in times of need. It deserves a place on every Lightroom user’s shelf or iPad. ... Read more

New Lightroom, New Facebook Group, and more …

Hi folks, Much to talk about, so let’s get to it. First up, the new Lightroom CC/6! Lightroom CC/6 Released The new Lightroom is here! In case you were concerned, our CE4 series plugins for Lightroom’s Web module work just fine under LrCC/6. If you’re already running the latest plugin versions, then no further updates ... Read more

Scheduled maintenance for CE4 orders

The CE4 Web Publishing Suite launched over the summer as an incomplete set of products, and so we included the older CE3 plugins with all CE4 purchases for those who might have need of them. With the release of CE4 Client Response Gallery several weeks ago, the suite is now complete! And so it’s time we ceased new distributions of the CE3 generation software. Details within. ... Read more

CE4 Is Here!

The Turning Gate’s CE4 Web Publishing Suite is a collection of plugins for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom allowing photographers to create, publish and manage image galleries and/or complete websites to showcase their photography online, easily and awesomely. CE4 embraces photography-first, responsive design for desktop and mobile browsers, ensuring your images will shine in every context. Utilize ... Read more

The calm before the CE4 storm

We are so very, very close. You are now looking at CE4 Theme for WordPress, and Campagna Pictures is essentially finished, though I may update it to release builds once we’ve finalized the plugins for release. The migration of Campagna Pictures has taken me longer than it should take any of you, simply because we’ve ... Read more

Hello, July. CE4 coming soon!

July has arrived, and progress continues to be made toward releasing CE4. I’ve been buried in WordPress coding for the better part of the last two weeks, and have finally sent a pretty solid build of CE4 Theme for WordPress out to testers. Output from this build is currently running on Campagna Pictures. Of particular ... Read more

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