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Killing UI Shadows in Mac OS X Screen Captures

I previously wrote about some screen-capture tricks for Mac OS X. Today, more terminal tricks, recorded here partially for my own future reference, and partially because others may find them of use as well. I take a lot of screen captures, and the drop-shadows that appear under application windows drive me insane. It’s tedious having ... Read more

Receive messages at multiple email addresses

The Form-to-Email script we use for our contact and client response forms is very robust. One feature that many users don’t realize they have at their disposal is the capability to have form submissions sent to multiple email addresses. For example, your contact form could send messages to you, to your studio manager and to ... Read more

A word on Lightroom’s JPG Quality Export settings

Lightroom’s image quality settings do not operate as you might assume. While quality slides on a scale of 0-100, that range is actually broken into 12 steps of quality (Lightroom is a 12-step program! HarharGuffaw …). Values 0-7 mark the lowest possible quality setting, while 93-100 is the highest quality image export. Values within a ... Read more

Elastic panels

You think your panels are as wide as they’ll go, eh? Can’t go wider? I’ll bet you’re wrong. Hold the Option/Alt key, grab onto the edge of the thing and drag it wide as you like. Who needs a preview anyway? Previews are for girls. And no, it’s not just the Web module. You can ... Read more

Password Protection in CE2

Password protection has long been a popular feature in TTG plugins. For CE2, we’ve revisiting the protection feature and made a few significant improvements. 1. Protected Indexes Previously, it was impossible to password protect an auto index due to the way indexes were structured. For CE2, we went back to foundations and took the opportunity ... Read more

The CE2 User Interface

The layout of controls — the user interface — has been completely changed for CE2 as compared to previous versions, and many controls are now to be found in new locations. While the new control layout my seem rather arbitrary at first blush, there is actually a logic to it, and knowing that logic may ... Read more

One Design, Many Templates

Lightroom’s Template Browser gives you the capability to save your designs for later use. It does not, however, permit you to take settings from one engine and apply them to another. Luckily, it’s a very simple hack to get around this. Using only a text-editor, you can share design settings between any combination of CE2 ... Read more


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