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PUSHING LIGHT: Extending Dynamic Range with HDR & Other Techniques is the latest ebook from Craft & Vision author Piet Van den Eynde, one of my favorite authors writing on Lightroom and photography in general. The book is a 112-page discussion about the tools available to photographers to manipulate the most basic building materials of ... Read more

eBook Review: Mastering Lightroom Book One: The Library Module

Andrew S. Gibson’s MASTERING LIGHTROOM Book One: The Library Module tackles the Library module in great detail. Depending upon the experience level of the reader, this is simultaneously the book’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness. The first 77 pages are spent largely on introduction, explaining what Lightroom is, making a case for its use, ... Read more

Craft & Vision: PHOTOGRAPH Vol. 3

Craft & Vision has released the third issue of their quarterly PHOTOGRAPH magazine. Once again, a winner. In an age of overpriced, ad-laden photography magazines, I continue to be impressed by Craft & Vision’s commitment to excellent content, of which you will find 113 ad-free pages in this issue. This issue kicks off with featured ... Read more

New French-language Book on Extending LR4

French photographer, writer and scientist Patrick Moll has released a new French-language book on extending Lightroom 4, Travaux Pratiques avec Lightroom 4 pour les photographes : Fonctions avancées. The book delves into Lightroom’s native advanced features, as well as using third-party plugins to further enhance your workflow capabilities, including a full chapter on using The ... Read more

New Craft & Vision ebook: Timelapse

Craft & Vision has released a new ebook, TIMELAPSE: An Introduction to Still Photographs in Motion by Dave Delnea. I have been keeping very busy the last week working on the new Client Response Gallery and the upcoming general feature update for CE3 plugins, so I have not so much as cracked the cover on ... Read more

Review: EXposed Video Workshop

Between bouts of documentation writing, and spit-and-polish sessions getting the CE3 plugins ready for public release this weekend, I’ve been filling my time this week with Gavin Seim’s EXposed video workshop. EXposed is about working with light and pre-visualizing your photography. It takes a Quality-over-Quantity approach to the photographic process, encouraging you to take your ... Read more

PHOTOGRAPH Issue 2 is out today

Arguably, the intent of most photography magazines is not to make you a better photographer, but to sell you products which make you think that you can become or are becoming a better photographer. Of course, those of us “in the know” know that’s not how photography works. But that doesn’t stop the big companies ... Read more

The Best of Craft & Vision 2012

I am a big fan and an avid believer in the Craft & Vision brand. In just a few short years they’ve gathered an impressive stable of expert authors, compiled a staggeringly comprehensive library of photographic knowledge, and shared it with us for fees so low that it almost feels like stealing. In 2012, they ... Read more

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