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Adding Galleries to an Auto Index

In general, adding galleries to an auto index is a simple matter of uploading your gallery to the appropriate location on your server. After that, it will appear automatically in your index. Below, we look closely at how to add galleries to installations of CE4 Auto Index and CE4 Pages.

Adding Galleries to CE4 Auto Index

In CE4 Auto Index, image galleries are located within the auto index folder itself. This folder will bear whatever name you assign it when exporting.

Image galleries should exist as individual folders within this folder. In the below image, the highlighted folders are image galleries which have been copied into the auto index folder.

Adding Galleries to CE4 Pages

In CE4 Pages, the auto index page lists image galleries which are located within the /galleries/ folder. The /galleries/ folder is created when CE4 Pages is exported from Lightroom.

Image galleries should exist each as individual folders within the /galleries/ folder, as pictured below.

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