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the Auto Index

The auto index has a number of options for layout, and within those options a number of permutations. Below, a high-altitude overview of available layouts.

In both CE4 Auto Index and CE4 Pages, these options may be found under Appearance > the Auto Index.

Regardless of layout choice, these options appear at the top of the control group. Use them to set basic colors and borders for the auto index entries.


A number of layouts are available, selectable from the Auto Index type :desktop drop-list.


The default layout is “Descriptive”. It is also the most informative, containing Album Title, Description and Thumbnail, and the easiest to deploy because it has no specific requirements for the size or orientation of thumbnails. It just works.


The “Iconic” layout allows for custom shapes and large, impactful thumbnails. To get those thumbnails, though, users often will need to create them separate from Lightroom and upload them manually for use by the index. It's extra work, but a small price to pay for the aesthetic gain.

In the CE4, the iconic layout is responsive. The thumbnails will maintain their aspect ratio at all screen sizes, and the number of columns will adjust itself according to the size of the browser or device.


The “Text-only” layout is similar to the “Descriptive” layout, except that it does not use thumbnail images. This makes it suitable for a page of links, or when thumbnails may be of a sensitive nature (for example, if indexing a group of password protected galleries of nudes, etc. where thumbnails may be compromising).

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