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Support for non-TTG Galleries

The auto index can list anything.

As explained elsewhere, albums will only be listed by the auto index when they contain assets recognized by the index. Most non-TTG galleries will not create these assets, preventing them from appearing in the auto index. However, you can force the auto index to recognize any folder – a gallery, a folder containing another page, or even list an external URL – by manually adding the autoindex.xml and (optionally) /thumbnails/ folder to a folder within the auto index target location.

The CE4 Auto Index Enabler utility allows you to generate the necessary information and thumbnail image(s) from within Lightroom's Web module.

To use CE4 Auto Index Enabler, install it as you would any other web engine, then select it from the Layout Style list in the Web module. The instructions for use are self-contained and will be displayed in the Web module.

CE4 Auto Index Enabler is included in all purchases of CE4 Auto Index and CE4 Pages.

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