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CE4 Client Response Gallery - Basic Concepts


The CE4 Client Response Gallery can be configured to run in two modes: Standalone and Managed.


Standalone mode is similar to the way that the CE 3 Client Response Gallery operated:

  1. A client visits a gallery
  2. If configured, the client needs to enter the username and password set for the gallery
  3. The client then provides feedback
  4. The client submits the feedback, entering in his or her details
  5. A client can return to the same gallery and provide subsequent sets of feedback, that are handled in isolation to earlier submissions


Managed mode is new to the CE4 version of Client Response Gallery, and is available to CRG galleries created with the CE4 Publisher.

Clients are added in the CRG admin, and linked to galleries. A client can reach his or her galleries in two ways: 1) By visiting a managed gallery

Client details are added in CRG admin. The clients are assigned to CRG albums that have been created with CE4 Publisher When clients reach a managed gallery, they are redirected to a login page, to login with the email address and password as entered during client creation.

CRG galleries created by Publisher can also be configured to run in Standalone mode.

File Naming

To get the most use of CE4 Client Response Gallery, we advise you to adopt good file naming convention for your images. The key concepts you need to bear in mind are:

  • Every image in your Library should have a unique file name.
  • Your exported, online files should be named identically to those in your catalog.

The latter point implies that you should have an understanding of how Lightroom handles file naming on export. Also, you should avoid using Lightroom's Virtual Copies in your galleries, as Lightroom is frustratingly inconsistent in how it handles the naming of virtual copies on export.

For more on file naming, please read our File Naming guidelines.

Processing Image Selects

Upon receiving feedback, you will find yourself with one or more lists of comma-separated file names. Assuming you've been using good file names, as above, this makes it very easy to isolate the selected images in Lightroom's Library.

So you will have a list like this one:

mc_20121116_Cambodia_0261, mc_20121115_Cambodia_0360, mc-20131123-081045-Pinatubo-0132, mc_20121115_Cambodia_0052, mc-20131123-083858-Pinatubo-0166, mc_20120818_Lantau_Island_0070, mc_20121114_Cambodia_0016, mc-20131202-120958-Batad-0100

Copy and paste the list of file names into Lightroom's Text filter, with the settings:

Text | Filename | Contains

The images will be isolated in your Library, as pictured below:

The filter will be applied to the currently selected folder or collection, so make sure you're in the right place, or just select All Photographs under Catalog on the left side of the Library.

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