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CE4 Client Response Gallery Installation & Setup

CE4 Client Response Gallery includes two components:

  • the CE4 Client Response Gallery plugin for Lightroom's Web module
  • the CE4 Client Response Gallery module for TTG-BE

It also requires the installation of TTG-BE, included with your downloads. From a high-altitude view, setup is a multi-part process:

  1. Install TTG-BE.
  2. Install the Client Response module.
  3. Install the CE4 Client Response Gallery Lightroom plugin.
  4. Optionally, install CE4 Publisher.

While optional, using CE4 Publisher will unlock additional, highly worthwhile functionality for CE4 Client Response Gallery. We recommend it.

Upgrading from CE3

If you're upgrading from the older CE3 Client Response Gallery, you may find our Quick Setup Guide for Users Coming from CE3 Client Response Gallery providing a more comfortable walkthrough of installation.

Otherwise, read on.

Install TTG-BE

If you have not previously installed TTG BE as part of Pages, Publisher or the Cart, begin by setting up TTG BE.

If you have already installed TTG BE, then you will need to upgrade to version 2.0.3 or greater. To do so, follow the upgrade instructions in the TTG BE Changelog

Afterward, installing or upgrading TTG BE, return to this page to continue the setup.

Be sure to properly configure your company and contact settings (email, etc.), as the Client Response Gallery will make use of this information.

Install the Client Response Module

Copy the /crg folder from the downloaded ZIP file into the /ttg-be folder online, such that you will have:


When the upload is complete, log in to the TTG BE admin, then select “Client Response Gallery Admin” from the Dashboard menu to complete the installation.

The install process for the plugin is the same as for other CE4 web engines, described in the CE4 Install Guide. Go there, then return here to finish the setup.

Load the plugin in Lightroom's Web module, configure the gallery to your liking, then Export. Upload the saved folder to /ttg-be/templates/gallery.

Back in the TTG-BE admin, from the Client Response Gallery Admin screen, select Settings > Client Response Gallery Settings. Edit Settings, then set “CRG Template” to use the newly uploaded template.

Optionally, Install CE4 Publisher

Finally, install CE4 Publisher. This step is optional, but we highly recommend it. Pairing the Client Response Gallery with Publisher will unlock additional functionality and is the best way to make use of the plugin. See the CE4 Publisher Installation & Setup for more information.

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