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Feedback Setup in CE4 Client Response Gallery

In past versions of the Client Response Gallery, feedback setup was done entirely in Lightroom's Web module. In the new CE4, this is no longer the case. In CE4 Client Response Gallery, the feedback panel has two parts:

  • Image metadata
  • Feedback collection

Image metadata is configured inside of Lightroom's Web module, using the gallery plugin. Those familiar with the CE4 family of products may already be familiar with how this works.

Setup of the feedback form, for feedback collection, is done in TTG BE, in the Client Response Gallery Admin. Here you create a feedback profile, which is given a name. By default, the gallery uses a profile named “default”.

Details below.

Image Metadata Setup

Metadata setup is spread over three separate locations in the Web module. We wish we could better consolidate the controls, but because of the way that metadata is handled by Lightroom's Web module, this is the best we could do. Thanks for understanding.

The metadata labels displayed in the gallery's feedback modal correspond to the label's provided in Lightroom's Web module, under Appearance > Client Response Setup > Feedback Metadata Setup.

You may set up to six metadata outlets to appear in the modal.

For the label and its corresponding metadata to appear in the modal, you need to enable the metadata item under the Image Info pane. When enabled here, as pictured below, both the label and image metadata will appear in the modal.

Finally, if using CE4 Publisher, then you will need to setup the Metadata Outlets under Output Settings > Publisher Setup > Metadata Outlets, pictured below. For anyone already familiar with using CE4 Publisher, this is business as usual.

As much as possible, your Metadata Outlets for Publisher should match your settings in the Image Info pane.

Feedback Form Setup

Under Appearance > Client Response Setup, you will find various options for customizing the appearance of the feedback modal. This includes the metadata options described above, but also color pickers for various elements within the modal.

Apart of colors, the most important item in the Client Response Setup is the Feedback Profile Name.

If using CE4 Publisher, then you will have the option of setting a feedback profile for each individual album via Publish Services. If not using CE4 Publisher, then you will need to set the profile name here.

In the Web preview, clicking any feedback icon will pop the sample modal, displaying information for the gallery's first image and a generic set of form elements. This is basically a mockup for design purposes only and contains star ratings, four options and a comments entry field. Online, all of this will be replaced with whatever you've defined in your feedback profile.

Feedback profiles are configured within the Client Response Gallery Admin, in TTG BE. To do this, we log in to TTG BE at your website:

In the menu, navigate to Dashboard > Client Response Gallery Admin. Then Feedback > Feedback Profiles.

Here you can edit existing profiles, or add new ones.

The advantage of setting up profiles this way is that we can add as many options or text inputs as we want. In previous versions of Client Response Gallery, this was limited to 14 options and only one text field.

When creating a Feedback Profile, you will give it a name. It's this name you should use for Feedback Profile Name in the gallery setup, or when publishing an album via CE4 Publisher.

In the case of CE4 Publisher, you can use the same gallery template, assigning different feedback profiles for each gallery or client, which makes it all very flexible.

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