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CE4 Gallery Changelog

v6.1.10 ( 2016-08-08 )

  • Fixed text-decoration :hover for navigation items.
  • Fotomoto changes:
    • Fix input focus issue during Fotomoto checkout in Magnific-styled galleries by closing Magnific when the Fotomoto-modal is launched.
    • Force z-index for Fotomoto's cart widget.

v6.1.9 ( 2016-01-07 )

  • Server compatibility improvements PHPlugins script.

v6.1.8 ( 2015-09-11 )

  • Changes to the way image downloads are handled.
    • Patched a security vulnerability in the download.php script.
    • Published galleries no longer require that downloadable renditions be handled by publisher.
    • Separate download scripts for exported vs. published galleries.

v6.1.7 ( 2015-08-05 )

  • Fixed large-image presentation download links being dimmed in error when Google Maps support is disabled. #p32230
  • Improved support for CE4 Cart purchase buttons in image search results.

v6.1.6 ( 2015-07-01 )

  • Exported galleries use the “Cart Item Name” as intended in CE4 Cart, rather than the image title.
  • Fixed image download buttons in search results.
  • Fixed social media image references when using gallery as Home page via CE4 Pages and Publisher.
  • Increased the standard “width_in_digits” value for UI sliders from 4 to 5, to better accommodate slider values to the thousandths' place.
  • In the single-image HTML presentation, advancing to the next or previous image will now jump the page scroll to keep the image at the top of the viewport.
  • Fixed Map Type option for Google Maps.
  • Minor styling tweaks.
  • Removed 'minimal-ui' switch for iOS 7, as it is no longer supported in subsequent versions of Safari.
  • Repaired the Masthead's “Separation” slider, which controls the space between the H1 and H2 headings.
  • Updated apple-touch-icon.png to 180-pixels-square, in accordance with Apple's UI guidelines for the iPhone 6 Plus, etc.
  • Updated currentPageURL() function. #p28183
  • Updated to jQuery 1.11.3 from 1.11.0.

v6.1.5 ( 2015-02-07 )

  • Fixed captions not appearing in publisher-managed Magnific presentations.
  • Fixed linear-gradients not being correctly applied to thumbnail cells outside of Lightroom's preview.

v6.1.4 ( 2015-01-23 )

  • Added alt and title tags to the large images on single-image HTML pages.
  • Added options to display or hide image captions and headings in the Magnific or Touch large-image presentations; this allows captions to appear in the source code for SEO, without appearing in the large-image presentation.
  • Fixed sup and sub vertical-align bug.
  • For better SEO, when an image has no caption, it's alt attribute will now be filled by its file name, rather than being left empty.
  • New option for the Highslide presentation, “On Image Click …”
    • “Close Slideshow” : the default behavior; closes the slideshow.
    • “Next Image” : advances slideshow to the next image.
  • Updated alignment control for Integrated masthead type.
  • Updated metadata sanitization sequence to be more reliable in LR/Win.
  • Updated positioning of grid icons when using the Freewall layouts.
  • Updated script for R2D2 navigation menu to not interfere with the Integrated masthead hyperlink.

v6.1.3 ( 2014-11-28 )

  • button added to social media profiles.
  • Added a loading spinner to preface the Freewall layouts.
  • Added G_SLUG and G_TEMPLATE globals to single-image templates for consistency in PHPlugins implementation.
  • Added “Icon Background-color :hover” option for social media profile and sharing buttons.
  • Added <meta name=“title” … /> element.
  • Better color parity for add-to-cart button on the single-image pages with UI colors in lightbox presentations.
  • Fixed definition of PAGEIMAGE.
  • Fixed permalink disabling for the Touch presentation in publisher-managed mobile layout.
  • Improved handling of slideshow UI for Touch slideshow presentation.
  • Improved handling of social network sharing.
  • Sanitization of ampersands, quotation marks and line-breaks in image titles, captions, and in the grid's metadata display, and in the Album Title and Description.
  • Simplified and improved the classes edge-to-edge, edge-left and edge-right.
  • The generic “User” social profile button is now disabled by default.
  • Update and cleanup of highslide.cfg.js.
  • Updated Integrated masthead type when multi-level navigation is right-aligned.
  • Updated Gill Sans font-family to accommodate weird Chrome/Win bug.
  • Updated styling for Magnific and Touch presentations' UI.

hotfix 6.1.2a ( 2014-11-18 )

  • Fixed fatal error in non-publisher mobile gallery when using cart integration and mixed pricing.

v6.1.2 ( 2014-10-18 )

  • Finally found and fixed the 2-pixel bug that's been driving me crazy for months on end.
  • Fixed a layout breakage in the thumbnail grid when using masonry layouts with Touch presentation for desktop.
  • Improved vertical centering of Magnific loading spinner.
  • Touch presentation GIF preloaders are replaced by fontAwesome spinner, because it's more awesome.
  • Resolved an issue with download buttons in mobile.html. #p24083

v6.1.1 ( 2014-10-01 )

  • Updated Gill Sans font-family.
  • New option under Color Palette > Content / Description, “Display on all pages”. When enabled, the block will appear on all thumbnail grid pages. When disabled, the gallery will continue to behave as prior, with the block appearing only on page 1. Has no impact on publisher-managed galleries; applies only to exported galleries.
  • New option to toggle display of Permalink buttons in large-image presentations. When disabled, the gallery will still create single-image HTML pages (permalink pages) and will use them for social media, etc., but will not display user-facing buttons in the large-image presentations.
  • New option to allow image download buttons to appear on the thumbnail grid; buttons do not appear in the mobile gallery.
  • Bug fix for “Touch” presentation zoom in publisher templates.
  • Updated and better organized localization strings.
  • Minor UI tweaks and corrections.

v6.1.0 ( 2014-09-02 )

  • New Masonry layouts.
  • New “Integrated” masthead option.
  • New aesthetic option, Navigation Container > Render Borders… > Split.
  • Fixed masthead's border-left inheriting the border-right value.
  • Fixed mixed pricing for mobile.
  • For all layouts, the images' data-thumbnail attribute for CE4 Cart will always use the thumbnails-for-mobile rendition when available, and thumbnails rendition otherwise.
  • Revamped handling of thumbnail renditions by gallery layouts, which is a general improvement but also should address some issues seen by specific users following the 6.0.5 release.
  • Significant refactoring of navigation menu's CSS and plugin source.
  • Tweaked styling of grid icons.
  • Updated Highslide's autoplay feature to accommodate the new HTML structure of galleries in 6.0.5.

v6.0.5 ( 2014-08-15 )

  • Added “Iconic” layout options, under “CE4 Standard” Grid-type.
  • Added Color Space option for Publisher's downloadable renditions.
  • All new font-stacks, balanced for modern devices.
  • Fixed cell numbers being styled incorrectly on small displays (CSS bug).
  • Publisher templates for “CE4 Standard” layout galleries no longer generate or need the secondary image rendition “thumbnails”, which should provide faster publishing for such galleries.
  • Source code restructuring for gallery thumbnails.
  • Thumbnails columns slider is now the Law.
  • If item is “not-for-sale” and no other separated features are enabled, then the middot entity should not appear on the single-image page.
  • Updated “Magnific” presentation for better cart functionality. #p22066
  • Updated “Touch” presentation script to restore zoom functionality.

v6.0.4 ( 2014-08-05 )

  • Can now change labels for “Next”, “Previous” and “Index” pagination links.
  • init.defer.min.js now included in cart templates; was previously excluded.
  • init.defer.min.js updated, re: responsive table behavior.
  • scaffolding.min.css updated, re: table styling.
  • Fixed: items designated “not-for-sale” via metadata were unsellable even with mixed pricing disabled.
  • Fixed: some publisher template tags were appearing in non-publisher galleries, breaking the Magnific presentation script for cart-enabled, export-and-upload Magnific galleries.
  • Updated scaffolding.css.
  • Updated styling of grid icons.
  • Updated “Touch” presentation scripts to resolve pages not scrolling properly on Android 4.4.4 / Chrome.

v6.0.3 ( 2014-07-29 )

  • Added Behance, Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube to social media profiles.
  • Added drop-list of commonly used items for CE4 Publisher's metadata outlets.
  • Added script to check whether content exists in .the-block; if not, then is hidden. Helps to do away with extra padding in publisher templates when the gallery has no description.
  • Apostrophes should no longer break Album Titles.
  • Fixed a typo that prevented shared resources being used, even when the option was enabled.
  • Fixed grid cell border calculation for publisher templates.
  • Fixed open graph protocol images on single-image HTML pages (permalinks).
  • Highslide presentations now launch into “Play” mode when autoPlay is enabled, rather than opening the slideshow in a paused state.
  • Magnific and Touch presentations should now open images in a new window when Download button is activated on mobile.

v6.0.2 ( 2014-07-24 )

  • Updated Google Maps implementation in Magnific Pop presentation.
  • Updates for CE4 Cart implementation.
  • Updated scaffolding .push, .pull classes for left:0 under mobile breakpoint.
  • Updated photo package buttons for CE4 Cart in mobile layouts.
  • Fixed grid cell width and height being reversed for publisher templates.
  • Fixed Share button appearing when it has nothing to show.
  • Fixed missing brace following Fotomoto logic in publisher templates.
  • For mobile email sharing, changed“mailto:… to use window.location.href=“mailto:…, because the former doesn't work on iPhones (though it works just fine on iPads, so … weird. And stupid.).
  • Kludge to prevent Touch presentation triggering underlying hyperlinks when closing.
  • Housekeeping.

v6.0.1 ( 2014-07-17 )

  • Fixed broken Google Maps buttons in Magnific Popup.
  • Fixed permalink and cart buttons in Touch presentation for mobile publisher templates.
  • Fixed separation of Master and Guest credentials for password protection inputs.

v6.0.0 ( 2014-07-16 )

  • Public release.
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