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 +====== Color Labels ======
 +In Lightroom'​s Library, you may assign color labels to your images – Red, Yellow, Green, Blue or Purple – to communicate various purposes. The colors themselves are abstract, and each photographer will assign their own significance to each. In the Web module, CE4 engines are capable of reading your color assignments from the Library and displaying color labels on images in your gallery:
 +Color labels are displayed both on the grid and in the large-image view.
 +This feature may be enabled or disabled, and colors may be changed or rendered in less garish shades via the UI:
 +===== Define a Color Label Set =====
 +In the Library, you may assign meaning to the colors via Lightroom'​s Color Label Sets.
 +In your gallery, the text used for you labels will be used in to fill the //title// attribute of your icon. While not visible on the page, some browsers will display this information in a tooltip when the mouse is hovered over the icon.
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