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Grid-type: Freewall (Masonry)

Freewall encompasses two variations of Masonry-style layout. In a masonry layout, thumbnail cells need not be the same height; images will rearrange themselves to close unused space, like stones laid into a wall.

Because masonry layouts are powered by Javascript, they do incur some addition overhead. In CE4 Gallery, galleries will always use the CE4 Standard layout in mobile browsers, ensuring best performance and a more user-friendly experience on small screen. Masonry layouts, when active, are only used for desktop browsers.

To use these layouts, under the Appearance pane, set Grid-type :desktop as “Freewall (Masonry)”:

For Layout, select either “Masonry, Elastic” or “Masonry, Rigid”:

Masonry, Elastic
Thumbnails expand, contract and reflow to best fill the full-width of the gallery container.

Masonry, Rigid
Thumbnails maintain their size while the number of columns adapts to the viewport width.

Customization options will vary slightly between the two layouts, though to a minimal degree. If you want to frame your thumbnails with thick borders, then use the Rigid layout.

For best results, set your Thumbnail Height huge, then use the Thumbnail Width slider to constrain your thumbnails' size:

If the thumbnails do not update size in Lightroom's preview, you can force the Web module to re-render the images by toggling Watermarks on and then off again, or vice versa.

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