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Grid-type: CE4 Standard

The CE4 Standard layout is the baseline layout for CE4 Gallery. The design is intended to be easy-to-use, and to allow users to get up-and-running quickly with their galleries. The default settings for the layout are considered to be “best fit” values for an iPad held in portrait orientation, and for display sizes ranging upward from there.

The CE4 Standard layout is also responsive, and used as the gallery's mobile layout.

Controlling Thumbnail Width & Height

In the CE4 Standard layout, the user does not have direct control over the width or height of thumbnail images.

The Thumbnail Width and Thumbnail Height sliders in the Output Settings pane do nothing in the CE4 Standard layout.

Instead, the gallery determines the appropriate thumbnail rendition sizes automatically, based upon these sliders:

The thumbnail width is:

[Cell Width] - [Border-left] - [Border-right] - ([Cell Padding] * 2)

Therefore, with the settings pictured above, we have:

184 - 0 - 0 - (8 * 2) = 168

The thumbnail width is calculate similarly:

[Cell Height] - [Border-top] - [Border-bottom] - ([Cell Padding] * 2)

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