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 +====== Image Download ======
 +Located in the **Appearance** pane, under **Image Download**, enabling image download features creates an icon in the large-image view that allows visitors to down image files to their desktop. You may allow download of the image renditions appearing in the gallery'​s large-image view, or you may prepare separate image files for download.
 +**Hi-Res Image Folder** is the folder in which the downloadable images reside. This folder should be inside of the gallery folder, and the images must be named identically to the images used by the gallery.
 +To download the images appearing in the gallery, use the default folder name of "​photos"​. Otherwise, you should export your downloadable image renditions separately, adhering to [[file_naming|file naming guidelines for the Web module]], and copy them into the Hi-Res Image Folder for the gallery.
 +If your downloadable renditions are TIF files, change the **File Type / Extension** to "​tif"​. If another file type, then provide the appropriate extension.
 +===== Image Downloads and CE4 Publisher =====
 +If using CE4 Publisher to manage your galleries, then you have additional options; you may configure the Publisher to create downloadable file renditions for you. These options are located in the **Output Settings** pane, under **Publisher Setup** > **Image Downloads**.
 +If also using CE4 Cart to sell downloadable images, you may also configure those image renditions under **Image Downloads for Sale**.
 +Please see CE4 Publisher documentation for more information.
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