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 +====== Image Permalinks ======
 +Every image in your galleries has a corresponding single-image page and "​permalink",​ a URL leading directly to that page. Each permalink represents a specific image, rather than the gallery of images in its entirety.
 +In CE4 Gallery, permalinks cannot be disabled.
 +Permalinks appear in the large-image view as a chain link icon:
 +Permalinks and the single-image pages to which they lead play an important role in CE4 Gallery. Together, they serve to bolster search engine optimization for your gallery, providing hard pathways from the gallery'​s thumbnail index to physical pages for each image, completely with titles, captions, etc., the bread-and-butter of search.
 +Permalinks are also used when sharing images to social media, allowing visitors to share specific, favorite images to their walls and feeds, rather than the gallery as a whole.
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