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 +====== Large Image Presentation ======
 +The options under **Large Image Presentation** impact the viewing of full-size images in your gallery, the slideshow.
 +Use the **Presentation :desktop** option to access configuration options for each of them presentation types.
 +The gallery will use up to three different views:
 +  * single-image HTML pages
 +  * mobile slideshow
 +  * desktop slideshow
 +It's best-practice to configure each of these views for your gallery, in the above listed order.
 +For example, let's say I want to use Highslide for desktop, Touch for mobile. Then I should configure my presentations in this sequence:
 +  - Set **Presentation :desktop** as "HTML : single-image"​. Click any thumbnail to access a single-image page in the preview, then configure using the subsequent options. Return to the thumbnail grid preview when finished.
 +  - Set **Presentation :desktop** as "​Touch",​ then configure using the subsequent options. Set **Presentation :mobile** as "​Touch"​.
 +  - Set **Presentation :desktop** as "​Highslide Slideshow",​ then configure the options.
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