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Allows galleries to span multiple pages. In large galleries, it is wise to paginate the gallery to reduce page loads. This is of particular importance for mobile browsers. CE4 Gallery supports up to 250 images per page, and as many pages as it takes.

When using CE4 Publisher, you may set images per page via Album Setup, and may exceed the 250 image limit should you choose.

Images per Page
Use this slider to set the maximum number of images which may appear on the page.

Smart Fill
At full gallery width, fills out the grid's columns if there are enough images to do so.

For example, let's say you have 20 images in your gallery, that your layout is five columns wide, and that Images per Page is 8. In this case, you gallery would span three pages, and your grid (2 rows, 5 columns) would fall 2 images short of being full:

Enabling Smart Fill will fill out the last row while images are available:

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