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 +====== the Auto Index ======
 +The Auto Index creates a table-of-contents for image galleries published to the ''​%%/​galleries/​%%''​ folder, making those galleries navigable from a central location. By default, the Auto Index is assigned to appear on the Galleries page.
 +Several layouts are available for the auto index; above, you can see the "​Iconic"​ layout. You may change and customize the grid layout in the Appearance pane, under "the Auto Index" (pictured below).
 +The images appearing on the page within the Lightroom preview are from the filmstrip and are used as stand-in images to provide you a visual aid while designing your page. When you export and upload to your website, the page will be empty until you upload real image galleries to the ''​%%/​galleries%%''​ folder or via CE4 Publisher. The page will then populate automatically with your image galleries.
 +The auto index in CE4 Pages is modified from CE4 Auto Index. For more information about how that operates, please cross-reference the CE4 Auto Index documentation.
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