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CE4 Pages Changelog

hotfix 7.0.11a ( in development )

  • Fixed auto index error.

v7.0.11 ( 2014-11-28 )

  • button added to social media profiles.
  • Added “Icon Background-color :hover” option for social media profile and sharing buttons.
  • Added <meta name=“title” … /> element.
  • Fixed definition of PAGEIMAGE.
  • Improved handling of social network sharing.
  • New checkbox option “Fade Description” allows you to enable/disable fading effect on album descriptions in the auto index.
  • Removed Tumblr sharing button; should have been removed a long time ago due to changes in Tumblr's API, but I missed pulled it out of CE4 Pages. Sorry!
  • Sanitization of ampersands, quotation marks and line-breaks in image titles and captions, and in the Album Title and Description.
  • Simplified and improved the classes edge-to-edge, edge-left and edge-right.
  • The generic “User” social profile button is now disabled by default.
  • Updated Integrated masthead type when multi-level navigation is right-aligned.
  • Updated Gill Sans font-family to accommodate weird Chrome/Win bug.
  • Updated logic for excluding images from the Galleria Slideshow when the images are assigned to appear elsewhere.

v7.0.10 ( 2014-10-18 )

  • Added “Priority” option for the Gallery, allowing the Galleria Slideshow to be positioned beneath the block content; previously could only be positioned above.
  • Added “randomize” option to the Galleria Slideshow presentation, which randomizes the sequence of images on page load.
  • Fixed ID mismatch between HTML and CSS that prevented text-align settings from being applied to the main column for each page.
  • Updated assets repository for shared resources.

v7.0.9 ( 2014-09-01 )

  • New “Integrated” masthead option.
  • New aesthetic option, Navigation Container > Render Borders… > Split.
  • Fixed masthead's border-left inheriting the border-right value.
  • Significant refactoring of navigation menu's CSS and plugin source.
  • Updated autoindex-view.php debug() function.
  • Updated Cart integration script.
  • Added freewall to script repository for shared resources.

v7.0.8 ( 2014-08-15 )

  • All new font-stacks, balanced for modern devices.
  • Changed sharing buttons to use CURRENTPAGEURL instead of CURRENTPAGELOCATION.
  • Fixed title overlays in the gallery index.
  • Updated “Touch” presentation script for shared resources with CE4 Gallery.
  • Updated to a newer version Parsedown processor.
  • Updated to Galleria 1.4.1.
    • Implemented hack for Galleria full-screen view to workaround viewport height bug in iOS7 Safari on iPad.

v7.0.7 ( 2014-08-05 )

  • Minified Galleria theme script for faster loading.
  • Updated ttg.init.defer.min.js.
  • Updated scaffolding.css.
  • Updated Touch-n-Swipe assets to correspond to updates in CE4 Gallery; used for resource sharing, so no direct impact on CE4 Pages.

v7.0.6 ( 2014-07-29 )

  • Added Behance, Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube to social media profiles.
  • Added various scripts to the /lib folder for use by Shared Resources setting in Gallery and Stage.
  • Apostrophes should no longer break Album Titles.
  • Fixed a typo that prevented shared resources being used, even when the option was enabled.
  • Height for images assigned to the block and grid is now explicitly set to height:auto.

v7.0.5 ( 2014-07-24 )

  • Added alignment controls for each page's content and sidebar areas.
  • Added float (alignment) control for each page's Media Area / Still Image.
  • Fixed max-width for images in the-grid.
  • Fixed meta description.
  • Updated scaffolding .push, .pull classes for left:0 under mobile breakpoint.

v7.0.4 ( 2014-07-18 )

  • Fixed Galleria full-screen toggle buttons being invisible.

v7.0.3 ( 2014-07-18 )

  • Fixed apostrophes in contact form. #p20585

v7.0.2 ( 2014-07-18 )

  • Revisited the 7.0.1 fix and fixed it better.

v7.0.1 ( 2014-07-17 )

  • Fixed images not being excluded from the gallery when assigned to appear on other pages.

v7.0.0 ( 2014-07-16 )

  • Public release.
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