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 ====== CE4 Pages Changelog ====== ====== CE4 Pages Changelog ======
-v7.0.13 in development ​)+**v7.0.15** 2016-01-07 ​)
 +  * During auto index setup, now using PHP "​include_once"​ for improved server compatibility,​ v. previously using "​include"​.
 +  * Server compatibility improvements for auto index and PHPlugins scripts.
 +**v7.0.14** ( 2015-06-30 )
 +  * Fixed a fatal error with the masonry layouts introduced in 7.0.6.
 +  * Fixed an issue with sharing buttons'​ background-color when center-aligned.
 +**v7.0.13** ( 2015-06-25 )
 +  * New: Masonry layouts.
 +  * Increased the standard "​width_in_digits"​ value for UI sliders from 4 to 5, to better accommodate slider values to the thousandths'​ place.
 +  * Removed '​minimal-ui'​ switch for iOS 7, as it is no longer supported in subsequent versions of Safari.
 +  * Repaired the Masthead'​s "​Separation"​ slider, which controls the space between the H1 and H2 headings.
 +  * Updated apple-touch-icon.png to 180-pixels-square,​ in accordance with Apple'​s UI guidelines for the iPhone 6 Plus, etc.
   * Updated currentPageURL() function. [[http://​​post/​28183/#​p28183|#​p28183]]   * Updated currentPageURL() function. [[http://​​post/​28183/#​p28183|#​p28183]]
   * Updated script for R2D2 navigation menu to not interfere with the Integrated masthead hyperlink.   * Updated script for R2D2 navigation menu to not interfere with the Integrated masthead hyperlink.
 +  * Updated to jQuery 1.11.3 from 1.11.0; exports still include the jquery-1.11.0.min.js file so as not to break older version exports using the file via the Share Resources option.
 ---- ----
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