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Largely, the Content / Description Area setup for CE4 Pages is the same as for all CE4 plugins. Therefore, cross-reference the articles until the Universal Setup for CE4 plugins. Below, we'll walk through some of the differences, which are largely contextual and minor.

At the top of the Color Palette control pane, we have global configuration options for “the block”, the section of the page which is primarily dedicated to textual page content. These settings apply equally to all pages on which the content area is displayed.

Beneath these universal settings, we get into content options for each individual page, with sections titled:

  • the Home page
  • the Galleries page
  • the Services page
  • the Info page
  • the About page
  • the Contact page

We believe this section titles are self-explanatory.

To view each respective page, navigate to that page within the preview area using the site navigation menu.

To create content for each page, enable the Display on Page option, then set Now Showing as “Page Preview”. At any time, you may switch to “Typography” if you'd like to see how various types of content will look on the page.

For each page, you may choose either a one-column or two-column layout:

Then you get text inputs for Page Title, Page Copy and Sidebar Copy:

Page Title is not visible on the page, but will appear in the browser's tab or title bar. It's also used when sharing the page to social media. The title entered here (ex. “Home”) will be concatenated with the Page Title from the Site Info pane (ex. “Happy Accident Photography - San Francisco, CA”), and will appear in use as, for example:

Home - Happy Accident Photography - San Francisco, CA

The Page Copy (md) and Sidebar Copy (md) fields accept both Markdown syntax and HTML. You may wish to author content externally using a plain-text or Markdown editor, then copy-and-paste the content in Lightroom. At least, that's what I find to be easier, as Lightroom is not designed as an authoring tool.

Note that you cannot use Markdown syntax within an HTML wrapper:

Markdown is okay here.

Markdown is NOT okay here.

Markdown is okay here, <strong>but NOT here</strong>.

Confused yet?

If you want to image on the page, you can assign an image and some general behavior following the content inputs. You may position the image either in the main column or sidebar:

Images assigned to appear in the block on any page will be automatically removed from the CE4 Pages gallery.

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