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the Gallery

CE4 Pages supports one image gallery, which may be assigned to appear on any page. This is most typically used on the Home page to greet visitors with a selection of representative work.

The gallery is disabled by default.

Page Assignmente
Assigns the gallery to appear on a page.

Gallery Type :desktop
The type of gallery to be displayed on desktop browsers; CE4 Pages supports two gallery types. This option also determines which configuration options are subsequently displayed in the LR interface.

Gallery Type :mobile
The type of gallery to be displayed on mobile browsers. You may display the same gallery type as on desktop, or specify an alternative layout.

Allow Page Replacement by CE4 Publisher
If enabled, you will be able to replace the gallery with any gallery template managed by CE4 Publisher and published to the /galleries folder.

the Galleria Slideshow

The Galleria slideshow is a responsive, touch-friendly slideshow with full-screen support, and a good choice for both desktop and mobile browsers.

The slideshow prioritizes load performance, loading images dynamically from a JSON array. This allows the page and its slideshow to load quickly on desktop or mobile browsers, even when the slideshow contains many images. As a tradeoff, however, the slideshow's images are invisible to search engines and do not factor into SEO.

The Flip, Full-screen Gallery is a responsive, touch-friendly presentation that fills the browser. On mobile, the gallery supports vertical swipes to navigate images.

This is a suitable choice for relatively small galleries, numbering 10-25 images. Images appear in the page markup, so should be visible to search engines, but all images must load before the gallery will display (which is why the gallery is ill-suited to display many images).

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