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The Pages Six

CE4 Pages supports up to six pages, designated as:


The page on which visitors will first land when arriving at your website by domain (i.e., so is usually the first thing new visitors will see. Use the Home page to set the tone for your site, for example you might assign the gallery to appear here to greet visitors with a selection of your best, most representative photography.


Typically the page from which visitors may access your image galleries, so acts as a table-of-contents for those galleries. To that end, the auto index is assigned to appear on this page by default.


Use this page to describe the photographic services you have to offer.


Discuss additional information about your services or amenities, such as your studio space, location, parking, etc.


Talk about your background and photographic experience, your inspiration or approach to the craft. Maybe include a headshot or self-portrait so that visitors have a face to associate with the art.


Here you may provide visitors with contact information allowing them to reach you, or setup the email contact form so they may message you directly from the page.

While the Auto Index, the Contact Form and the Gallery appear on specific pages by default, they may be reassigned to appear on any page. For example, you might decide to put the Auto Index on your Home page, allowing visitors to dive immediately into your galleries upon arrival.

You may repurpose or re-label pages however you like, though the file names cannot be changed.

Page Setup

The basic setup of each of the six pages is identical. In the Color Palette control pane, locate the relevant control group for each page, labeled in green as the Home page, the Galleries page, etc.

Here begin the content and layout options for the page.

Display on page
Allows content (“the block”) to appear on the page.

Now Showing
Controls the page preview. You may view the actual page content, a quick reference sheet, or a typography demo.

Each page may be configured to display content in one or two columns. Use these options to enable two-column layout, and specify column position, spacing and width.

Enter the page's actual content.

Page Title
Does not appear on the page. Is used to populate the page's <title /> tag, and for social networking titles.

Page Copy
The main content for the page, appearing in the primary column in the two-column layout.

Sidebar Copy
The sidebar content for the page, appearing in the secondary column in a two-column layout; does not appear on the page in a one-column layout.

The Page Copy and Sidebar Copy fields support both Markdown and HTML syntax for text formatting. Because Lightroom is not designed for intense writing or coding, we recommend authoring content externally in a plain text or Markdown editor, then copy-and-pasting your copy into Lightroom.

You may assign an image to appear on each page, in either column. The Image ID corresponds to the image's position in the filmstrip (i.e. first image is ID 1, second image is ID 2, etc.).

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