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Migrate Existing Albums from CE3 to CE4 Publisher

Published albums and album sets can be migrated from CE3 Publisher to CE4 Publisher, both at the back-end and within Lightroom. To do so, the following conditions must be met:

1. The online /publisher/ component for CE3, and /ttg-be/ must be on the same level. e.g.:

2. The top-level galleries folder (the target folder) must match between CE3 and CE4.

3. The CE4 Publisher instance must be empty (i.e. have no albums or album sets).

To migrate galleries, click on the Lightroom File menu, then Plug-in Extras, followed by Migrate galleries from CE3 Publisher to CE4 Publisher. Select your source and destination then click OK.

Only those galleries that exist both in Lightroom and on the server will be copied. After migration, the albums and album sets should be manageable via the CE4 Publisher instance.

Depending on whether your template names match between CE3 and CE4 Publisher, you may need to edit each album and choose a new template before being able to publish further to that album.

Migrated albums may no longer be managed by CE3 Publisher.

!! Warning !!

Because we have not yet released a CE4 version Client Response Gallery, you should not migrate CE3 Client Response Gallery albums. Before migrating, please take steps to remove these albums, whether that means having to re-publish them under a separate publisher instance or whatever. If you have albums currently “in play” with clients, you should wait until these albums are no longer in active use, or re-publish the albums elsewhere and notify your clients of the change, then migrate to CE4.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but CE4 Client Response Gallery just isn't happening right now. We hope to launch it later in 2014.

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