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Working with Albums

CE4 Publisher is used primarily to publish albums, image galleries, using Lightroom's Publish Services.

Important Note: It is not possible to publish to the 'Default Album' that Lightroom creates. Create a new album instead. It is safe to delete the 'Default Album'.

Create albums by right-clicking the publish service, and selecting Create Album. You may also right-click an Album Set to create an album within the set.

Before publishing an album, you will need to create at least one gallery template. Export a gallery using CE4 Gallery or CE4 Stage; the gallery does not need to contain any images. Copy the exported gallery folder into:


For example, you might have a CE4 Gallery template and a CE4 Stage template:


You may have as many templates as you like.

The templates will then be listed in the Template field when creating a new album.

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