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CE4 Stage Changelog

v6.1.2 ( 2014-12-15 )

  • Fixed YouTube embed code for publisher-managed stage pages.
  • Updated script for R2D2 navigation menu to not interfere with the Integrated masthead hyperlink.

v6.1.1 ( 2014-11-28 )

  • New presentation, “Video: Google Drive”, for embedding video uploaded to your Google Drive account.
  • button added to social media profiles.
  • Added “Icon Background-color :hover” option for social media profile and sharing buttons.
  • Added <meta name=“title” … /> element.
  • Fixed definition of PAGEIMAGE.
  • Improved handling of social network sharing.
  • Sanitization of ampersands, quotation marks and line-breaks in image titles and captions, and in the Album Title and Description.
  • Simplified and improved the classes edge-to-edge, edge-left and edge-right.
  • The generic “User” social profile button is now disabled by default.
  • Updated Integrated masthead type when multi-level navigation is right-aligned.
  • Updated Gill Sans font-family to accommodate weird Chrome/Win bug.

v6.1.0 ( 2014-09-30 )

  • release candidate 1 ( 2014-09-26 )
    • New presentation, “Cinemagraph Pro: Embed” for embedding Cinemagraphy Pro videos from
    • New presentation, “Full-screen: Auto”, a full-screen, auto-playing slideshow.
    • Eliminated the superfluous file 10-presentation.css and all references thereto.
    • Fixed some inconsistencies between exported galleries and publisher templates for “Compare: TwentyTwenty” presentation.
  • beta 3 ( 2014-09-21 )
    • Added “randomize” option to the Galleria Slideshow presentation, which randomizes the sequence of images on page load.
    • New presentation, “Reel: Animate” for animating a series of frames (360-degree rotations, time-lapse images, etc.).
    • “Compare: TwentyTwenty” changes:
      • Additional overlay options, Alternate and Hide, and colors control.
      • Slider Offset now ranges from 0-100% in 1% increments.
  • beta 2 ( 2014-09-11 )
    • Praise modulo! Have convinced Lightroom to handle images in pairs!
      • “Compare: Morph” now supports multiple instances per page.
      • “Compare: TwentyTwenty” now supports multiple instances per page.
      • “Reel: Panorama” now supports multiple instances per page.
    • Captions support for Compare: Morph, Compare: TwentyTwenty and Reel: Panorama.
  • beta 1 ( 2014-09-09)
    • New presentation, “Compare: Morph” for before-and-after image comparison; an updated version of the CE3 Before-and-After feature.
    • New presentation, “Compare: TwentyTwenty” for before-and-after image comparison.
    • New presentation, “Reel: Panorama” for horizontally-scrolling panorama images within a defined viewport.
    • Updated Gill Sans font-family.

v6.0.3 ( 2014-09-01 )

  • New “Integrated” masthead option.
  • New aesthetic option, Navigation Container > Render Borders… > Split.
  • Fixed masthead's border-left inheriting the border-right value.
  • Significant refactoring of navigation menu's CSS and plugin source.
  • template_index.php is now duped to template_mobile.php.
  • Updated Cart integration script.

v6.0.2 ( 2014-08-15 )

  • All new font-stacks, balanced for modern devices.
  • Minified Galleria theme script for faster loading.
  • Updated scaffolding.css.
  • Updated ttg.init.defer.min.js.
  • Updated to Galleria 1.4.1.
    • Implemented hack for Galleria full-screen view to workaround viewport height bug in iOS7 Safari on iPad.

v6.0.1 ( 2014-07-29 )

  • Added Behance, Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube to social media profiles.
  • Added drop-list of commonly used items for CE4 Publisher's metadata outlets.
  • Added script to check whether content exists in .the-block; if not, then is hidden. Helps to do away with extra padding in publisher templates when the gallery has no description.
  • Apostrophes should no longer break Album Titles.
  • Fixed a typo that prevented shared resources being used, even when the option was enabled.
  • Updated default margins and padding for the grid, as the previous defaults were not entirely obvious to users.

v6.0.0 ( 2014-07-24 )

  • Public release.
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