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CE4 Theme for WordPress Changelog

v3.1.2 ( 2016-01-07 )

  • Server compatibility improvements PHPlugins script.

v3.1.1 ( 2015-06-16 )

  • Changed implementation of the HTML5 time element.
    • Fixed validation errors related to improper use of the pubdate attribute.
    • Minor formatting change to the datetime attribute value.
  • Changed the meta generator attribute to read “TfWP” instead of “Theme for WordPress” to reduce likelihood of bots recognizing WordPress.
  • Fixed reference to the respond.min.js file. #p26949.
  • Get jQuery using // rather than http://. #p29187
  • Increased the standard “width_in_digits” value for UI sliders from 4 to 5, to better accommodate slider values to the thousandths' place.
  • Removed 'minimal-ui' switch for iOS 7, as it is no longer supported in subsequent versions of Safari.
  • Repaired the Masthead's “Separation” slider, which controls the space between the H1 and H2 headings.
  • Updated apple-touch-icon.png to 180-pixels-square, in accordance with Apple's UI guidelines for the iPhone 6 Plus, etc.
  • Updated currentPageURL() function. #p28183
  • Updated script for R2D2 navigation menu to not interfere with the Integrated masthead hyperlink.
  • Updated to jQuery 1.11.3 from 1.11.0.

v3.1.0 ( 2014-11-28 )

  • beta 3 / final 3.1.0
    • button added to social media profiles.
    • Added “Icon Background-color :hover” option for social media profile and sharing buttons.
    • Added <meta name=“title” … /> element.
    • Fixed definition of PAGEIMAGE.
    • Fixed hyperlink target for the Integrated masthead type, to be consistent with the rest of CE4.
    • Improved handling of social network sharing.
    • Rudimentary support for the WooCommerce plugin via inclusion of a woocommerce.php page template.
    • Simplified and improved the classes edge-to-edge, edge-left and edge-right.
    • The generic “User” social profile button is now disabled by default.
    • Updated Integrated masthead type when multi-level navigation is right-aligned.
    • Updated Gill Sans font-family to accommodate weird Chrome/Win bug.
    • Updated print.css to eliminated sidebars and render primary content full-width on the printed page.
  • beta 2 ( 2014-11-04 )
    • Canonical URLs lean more heavily on default WordPress behavior.
    • Removed the Tumblr share button; should have been removed pre-3.0.0 due to 2014 changes in the Tumblr URL share API.
    • Revamped social media implementation, now generating Open Graph Protocol and Twitter tags from functions.php.
    • Updated social sharing buttons' page title and URL functions.
    • Updated functions.php “Cleanup Head” function set, renaming adjacent_posts_rel_link to adjacent_posts_rel_link_wp_head in accordance with an overlooked change in WP 3.0.
  • beta 1 ( 2014-10-15 )
    • Comments restructured and redesigned.
    • Eliminated superfluous reference to the file, that script having been moved into init.head.min.js.
    • Fixed bug in the banner-type masthead preventing the default LR identity plate from displaying.
    • New option, under Color Palette > Export Options, “Custom Theme Title”; allows you to assign the exported theme a custom name, making it easier to identity in the WordPress dashboard.
    • New option, under Color Palette > Export Options, “Include WP Plugins in Exported Theme”; allows you to prevent the export including the /wp-plugins folder, which is unnecessary after the plugins have already been installed. Keep enabled for first export and install, and you may disable it when updating your theme if such things are of concern (there's no harm in keeping it enabled; it's just extra stuff that doesn't need to be uploaded again).
    • Scrapped built-in URL shortening function used elsewhere in CE4; for WordPress, use a plugin instead.
    • Simplified page title function.
    • Updated to Options Framework 1.8.0; please visit your “Theme Options” page, review your configuration, and press “Save”.

v3.0.5 ( 2014-09-01 )

  • Custom favicon now appears in WP admin.
  • New “Integrated” masthead option.
  • New aesthetic option, Navigation Container > Render Borders… > Split.
  • Fixed masthead's border-left inheriting the border-right value.
  • Significant refactoring of navigation menu's CSS and plugin source.
  • The “Get shared resources from TTG CE4 Pages” setting is now properly ignored by WordPress, as intended from the start.
  • Updated Cart integration script.

v3.0.4 ( 2014-08-15 )

  • All new font-stacks, balanced for modern devices.
  • Improved fallback behavior for Highslide JS to Magnific Popup when Mobble plugin is deactivated or not installed.
  • Minified Galleria theme script for faster loading.
  • Updated scaffolding.css.
  • Updated ttg.init.defer.min.js.
  • Updated to Galleria 1.4.1.
    • Implemented hack for Galleria full-screen view to workaround viewport height bug in iOS7 Safari on iPad.

v3.0.3 ( 2014-07-29 )

  • Added Behance, Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube to social media profiles.
  • Apostrophes should no longer break Album Titles.

v3.0.2 ( 2014-07-24 )

  • Updated scaffolding .push, .pull classes for left:0 under mobile breakpoint.
  • For mobile email sharing, changed“mailto:… to use window.location.href=“mailto:…, because the former doesn't work on iPhones (though it works just fine on iPads, so … weird. And stupid.).

v3.0.1 ( 2014-07-18 )

  • Fixed Galleria full-screen toggle buttons being invisible.

v3.0.0 ( 2014-07-16 )

  • Public release.
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