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Installing the Included Plugins

The theme folder exported from Lightroom includes several plugins. These are located in the /wp-plugins folder:


These plugins should be copied into WordPress' plugins folder, such that you end up with:


The plugins will need to be activated from within WordPress, Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins.

The Plugins


The Mobble plugin allows the theme to determine whether pages are being viewed in a mobile, tablet or desktop browser, and to serve content accordingly. To use Highslide JS for embedding image galleries, CE4 Theme for WordPress requires that Mobble be activated. Activation recommended.

Single Post Template

Allows you to select alternate templates for your single posts. For example, if you're design is primarily a two-column layout, but you want to do a single-column layout for a feature article. Activation recommended.


Allows you to display subheadings for blog posts. If you don't plan to use subheadings, you may leave this deactivated. Activation optional.

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