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 +====== Installing the Included Plugins ======
 +The theme folder exported from Lightroom includes several plugins. These are located in the /wp-plugins folder:
 +/​wp-plugins/​mobble \\
 +/​wp-plugins/​single-post-template \\
 +These plugins should be copied into WordPress'​ plugins folder, such that you end up with:
 +/​wp-content/​plugins/​mobble \\
 +/​wp-content/​plugins/​single-post-template \\
 +The plugins will need to be activated from within WordPress, **Dashboard** > **Plugins** > **Installed Plugins**.
 +===== The Plugins =====
 +==== Mobble ====
 +The Mobble plugin allows the theme to determine whether pages are being viewed in a mobile, tablet or desktop browser, and to serve content accordingly. To use Highslide JS for embedding image galleries, CE4 Theme for WordPress requires that Mobble be activated. **Activation recommended**.
 +==== Single Post Template ====
 +Allows you to select alternate templates for your single posts. For example, if you're design is primarily a two-column layout, but you want to do a single-column layout for a feature article. **Activation recommended**.
 +==== Subheading ====
 +Allows you to display subheadings for blog posts. If you don't plan to use subheadings,​ you may leave this deactivated. Activation optional.
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