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Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is famously easy. Rather than rehash the process here, I refer you to the official WordPress installation documentation.

Being purists, we generally recommend doing a manual WordPress installation. However, if you're not feeling up to the task, most hosts provide options for an automated WordPress installation, and this is usually okay. Look to your hosting control panel if you're keen on this option, or contact your host directly for details.

After installing WordPress, please return to this documentation for further instructions and recommendations on setup for your site.

A word on Jetpack for WordPress

Jetpack for WordPress is a misguidedly popular all-in-one plugin suite for WordPress. We advise against using Jetpack, on account of its being bloated and dastardly. Therefore:

  • Do not install Jetpack.
  • If given the option to install Jetpack during an automated WordPress setup, do not install Jetpack.
  • If not given the option during automated install, and Jetpack gets installed without your consent, go to the Plugins section of the WordPress Admin area to disable and remove Jetpack from your WordPress installation.

Remember, friends don't let friends ride Jetpack.

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