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 ===== Advanced Settings ===== ===== Advanced Settings =====
 +==== Supplemental Image Classes ====
 +Determines which class(es) are added to the <img /> element by default when images are inserted into pages or posts using the "Add Media" features. Enter either "​**border**"​ or "​**shadow**"​ to apply visual effects. You may also write-in any class(es) of your own. If writing in multiple classes, separate classes using a space.
 +==== Gallery Lightbox ====
 +**Enable Lightbox Support** \\
 +Enables Lightbox support for in-post thumbnail galleries. If disabled, thumbnail images will link to image attachment pages.
 +**Lightbox for Desktop Browsers** \\
 +Determines which Javascript presentation method is used to display large images on desktop browsers.
 +**Lightbox for Mobile Browsers** \\
 +Determines which Javascript presentation method is used to display large images on mobile browsers.
 +==== Galleria JS ====
 +**Enable Galleria** \\
 +Enables support for the Galleria Slideshow in posts and pages. If disabled, any galleries assigned to use Galleria will fallback on the Lightbox gallery options above.
 +**Use larger images for Retina and HiDPI displays.**
 +When enabled, Galleria will load larger renditions on HiDPI displays when larger rendition images are available. Images are called on-the-fly, so enabling this feature will not impact the speed of the initial page load.
 +Use this feature with caution! Use assumes that you are taking deliberate care in preparing your images for upload, managing both image dimensions and file size. If this is not the case -- for example, if you are uploading JPEGs directly from your camera'​s card -- this feature can be extremely detrimental to your site.
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