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The Typography & Core Elements control group allows you to setup global typography settings for your page. Typography is super important to ensuring excellent readability for your page. You can set fonts, text-size, colors and more.

Every CE4 plugin includes a typography testbed, which allows you to preview common typographic content and other common content elements, such as tables and forms, so that you can accurately configure your content. To view the testbed, set Now Showing: Typography.

The Typographic testbed:

Most of the settings here should be self-explanatory.

Font-families operate according to standard CSS rules. You may select from among our predefined, web-safe font-stacks :

Or you may write-in your own font choices according to the established rules for the CSS font-family property :

When writing in your own fonts, keep these points in mind :

  • It's best to add your fonts to the front of on of our predefined, web-safe font stacks. In doing so, your chosen font will take priority; but if the visitor cannot access that font, then you still have our web-safe font selections as fall back.
  • When your font-family name is more than one word, please wrap the name in single-quotes, not double quotes.
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