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 +====== Creating Writable Server-side Directories ======
 +Some TTG plugins that reside on the web server require //write access// to selected folders in order to perform correctly. Examples are the directory for saving orders for the Cart, and the gallery upload directory for Publisher.
 +Access is granted by modifying permissions of the folder via your FTP software. ​
 +Generally, this is performed by connecting to your server via FTP, browsing to the folder, and right-clicking the folder to access properties or "Get Info". Here you may change the permissions for the selected folder(s).
 +The level of permissions required depends on the hosting environment. Some hosts require read/​write/​execute access for the role of user, but only read and execute access for the roles of group and world (known here as granting '​755'​ access). Some hosts that require 755 permissions are Bluehost, Lunarpages and Web Hosting Hub. We advise trying to use 755 access first.
 +If unsuccessful in writing to the directory with 755, then ...
 +Other hosts require read/​write/​execute access for the roles of user, group and world (known here as granting '​777'​ access). Try 777 access.
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