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   - [[Install CE4|Install Guide]]   - [[Install CE4|Install Guide]]
 +  - [[http://​​2015/​03/​ce4-install-setup-how-to-video/​|CE4 Setup How-to Video]]
   - [[EULA|End User License Agreement]]   - [[EULA|End User License Agreement]]
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         - [[Staging Reel Panorama|Reel:​ Panorama]]         - [[Staging Reel Panorama|Reel:​ Panorama]]
         - [[Staging Still Image|Still Image]]         - [[Staging Still Image|Still Image]]
-        - [[Staging Video Google Drive|Video:​ Google Drive]] 
         - [[Staging Video HTML5|Video:​ HTML5 Video]]         - [[Staging Video HTML5|Video:​ HTML5 Video]]
         - [[Staging Video Vimeo|Video:​ Vimeo]]         - [[Staging Video Vimeo|Video:​ Vimeo]]
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