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 ====== Language Localization ====== ====== Language Localization ======
-The customer-facing TTG CE3 Cart may be fully localized into any language. Create a new language file in /​config/​lang/​ using the supplied en_US.txt file as starting point. The new language file can then be selected as the //Cart Language// within the Miscellaneous section of //Cart Settings//. +The customer-facing TTG CE3 Cart may be fully localized into your own language ​as needed. Create a new localisation via the Settings > Localisations page.  To update text in the default language, click on Manage Localisation for the US English entry To create another localisation,​ click Add Localisation. ​ After creating ​localisation,​ click Manage Localisation to customise ​the text.
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