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 ====== Managing Products and Pricing ====== ====== Managing Products and Pricing ======
-Conceptually,​ most settings ​are similar to those for the CE2 Cart.  The main difference between the setups is the management of products and prices. In the CE2 Cart, pricing ​schemes contained the attributes, options and prices of a single product. ​ In the CE3 Cart, products and pricing schemes are separated out.  The attributes and options are configured for one or more products.  ​The pricing ​schemes then set prices for the attributes and options ​in one or more products.+The CE4 Cart includes separate ​settings for products and pricing. ​ The attributes and options are set to describe ​products.  ​Pricing ​schemes ​are then configured to select the available products and set prices for the attributes and options ​of products ​within a scheme.
 ===== Managing Products ===== ===== Managing Products =====
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