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Quick Setup Guide for users coming from CE3 Client Response Gallery

CE4 Client Response Gallery offers many features that are made possible through a database on the server. There are a couple of additional steps you need to take before upload your first galleries. Follow the steps below to get up-and-running quickly.


TTG BE (“BE” standing for back-end) is a module of shared code used by CRG, Publisher and Cart. It makes much of the CE4 magic happen. to install TTG BE, follow these steps.

1. Upload the entire ttg-be directory from the file to your server. In most cases you'll want to be able to see them at

2. Check the folder permissions on /ttg-be/data/ These will most likely need to be 755. 777 is sometimes needed.

3. Check that you can login to The default username is 'admin' and default password 'ttg8888'.

4. Upload the entire 'crg' folder from your CE4-CRG zip file into /ttg-be/ on your server. You should then have files at

That's all theres is for your initial TTG BE setup. You won't need to perform these steps again.


1. Create and export a CE4 CRG gallery in Lightroom

2. Upload the gallery to your server, most commonly under

3. Browse to your newly-created gallery.

Next steps

You'll find that at this point that your company details and feedback options are set to generic values.

1. Log in to and set your details in the Settings page.

2. Click on Client Response Gallery Admin under in the Dashboard menu

3. Setup your Feedback details in the Feedback Profiles page under the Feedback menu

You can have any number of profiles, customised as needed for your galleries and clients. The important thing is that the value given to Title corresponds with the Feedback Profile Name assigned to your galleries when you've created them.

4. Further options such as email settings can be set by clicking on Settings.

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