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Cinemagraph Pro

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. Cinemagraphs can give the illusion that the viewer is watching a video.

See our demonstration cinemagraph.

One popular (and easy) way to create cinemagraphs is to use Flixel's Cinemagraph Pro.

With Cinemagraph Pro and CE4 Stage, you have several options for presenting your work.

... as an Image Sequence

From Cinemagraph Pro, render your cinemagraph as an image sequence. This creates a number of still JPG images which can be animated in the browser.

Import the image sequence JPGs into your Lightroom catalog, and setup CE4 Stage using the “Reel: Animate” presentation. Load the image sequence into CE4 Stage for export, or create a publisher template with CE4 Stage and publish the image using CE4 Publisher.

... as a Video

From Cinemagraph Pro, render your cinemagraph as a video file. Then use the video presentations built into CE4 Stage to put your video online.

... Embed Your Cinemagraph from

In the Web module, under Appearance > Staging, set Grid-type :desktop as “Cinemagraph Pro: Embed”:

Get your embed code from, then copy-and-paste into Lightroom.

If exporting from the Web module, paste the code into the Embed Code field:

Otherwise, you may export from CE4 Stage to create a publisher template. Upload to ttg-be/templates/gallery, as usual for templates. When publishing your album, paste the Flixel embed code into the Video ID field under the Page Content tab:

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