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Compare: Morph

The Compare: Morph presentation allows you to compare two versions of an image.

The presentation requires:

  • A minimum two images in the filmstrip.
  • An even number of images in the filmstrip.

Images are handled in pairs, the first image in each pair being the “Before” image, and the second the “After” image. Captions and metadata are supported for each pair, but will only be drawn from the “After” image.

Your filmstrip may contain more than a single pair, in which case the image pairs will be stacked vertically on the page.

On loading the page, the “After” image(s) will be visible on the pair. Clicking or tapping the image will transition to the “Before” image with a fade animation, so that one image appears to be morphing or transforming into the other. Subsequently clicking or tapping the image will trigger the transition between the “Before” and “After” image states.

See the Compare: Morph demonstration.

To use this presentation, under Appearance > Grid-type: desktop, choose “Compare: Morph”.

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