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Full-screen "Flip" Gallery

Make a huge impact with massive, full-screen images. Named for its thumbnail animation on image navigation, this full-screen image presentation is a fun way to greet your site visitors. New in the CE4 version, the presentation is suitable for desktop and mobile browsers, and supports swipe navigation on touch-screens.

Go hands-on with our demonstration gallery.

Enable this gallery in the Appearance control pane, under Staging, “Flip, Full-screen”:

The configuration options should be self-evident.

The full-screen presentation is best used for small-size galleries, numbering perhaps 10-to-25 images. Because of how images are loaded, it is not suitable for galleries containing many images.

Images will zoom to fill the space, cropping as necessary. Scroll through images using the on-screen navigation, arrow keys or mouse wheel; on touch-screens, vertical swipes may also be used to navigation. Click or tap to view the uncropped image. An “ENTER” button – or “RETURN”, “BACK”, whatever … – can be used to return to the gallery index, or some other destination.

Choose images wisely. The gallery works best with landscape-orientation images, though it's okay to use portrait-orientations as well. Images are zoomed to center, so just make sure that images are cropped in a flattering way. For example, you might have a beautiful shot of a model; but if the gallery zooms in to show only her stomach, then the image probably is not a good choice to include in a gallery of this type. Either cut the image from the presentation, or choose another presentation altogether.

Using with CE4 Publisher

There are no special considerations when using the full-screen presentation with CE4 Publisher. Export and upload to the /ttg-be/templates/gallery folder, as with any other gallery template.

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