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 The configuration options should be self-evident. The configuration options should be self-evident.
 +The full-screen presentation is best used for small-size galleries, numbering perhaps 10-to-25 images. Because of how images are loaded, it is not suitable for galleries containing many images.
 +Images will zoom to fill the space, cropping as necessary. Scroll through images using the on-screen navigation, arrow keys or mouse wheel; on touch-screens,​ vertical swipes may also be used to navigation. Click or tap to view the uncropped image. An “ENTER” button -- or “RETURN”,​ “BACK”, whatever … -- can be used to return to the gallery index, or some other destination.
 +Choose images wisely. The gallery works best with landscape-orientation images, though it's okay to use portrait-orientations as well. Images are zoomed to center, so just make sure that images are cropped in a flattering way. For example, you might have a beautiful shot of a model; but if the gallery zooms in to show only her stomach, then the image probably is not a good choice to include in a gallery of this type. Either cut the image from the presentation,​ or choose another presentation altogether.
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