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Reel: Animate

The Reel: Animate presentation allows you to animate image sequences, such as for stop motion, time-lapse photography or 360-degree object rotation. Presentations may be setup to animate automatically, or to accept user input for moving the sequence forward or backward. The presentation works on desktop and mobile browsers alike.

See our 360-degree rotation demonstration.

To use, under Appearance > Staging, set Grid-type as “Reel: Animate”.

The available options are:

The color of the block which indicates the current position in the sequence.

Border-color & Border
Controls the border surrounding the animation viewport.

Animate Entry
A value of 1 or -1 will cause the animation to cycle once after loading, in one direction or the other. Set zero (0) to disable.

After loading, how long the sequence should remain still before the autoplay begins.

Direction & Speed
Will autoplay the animation; positive values will spin in one direction, and negative values in the other. The greater the number, the faster the animation. A value of zero (0) will disable autoplay.

Continually repeat the animation when finished.

Allows the animate to be advanced forward and backward by click-and-dragging the mouse.

Allows the animation to be “flung” with inertia.

Reverses direction of the animation.

Display Caption
Displays a caption under the animation viewport. Metadata will be pulled from the first image in the sequence.

Set up a cheap 360-degree photography studio

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