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Reel: Panorama

The Reel: Panorama presentation allows you to display a horizontally scrollable panoramic image in a “normal” size viewport. You may loop the scrolling for 360-degree panoramas, or stop scrolling at the image's edges.

See our panorama demonstration.

The Reel: Panorama presentation operates on images as pairs, with at least two images required. The first image in the pair is used to establish the size of the viewport and is a placeholder only; this image will not be visible on the page. The second image should be the full-size panorama. The two images should export with an equal height; therefore, it is best to use a width-cropped copy of the panorama as placeholder image.

For example, you might have a very wide panorama. For the placeholder first image of the pair, create a virtual copy of that panorama, then crop its width to a 16:9 aspect ratio. On the page, the full panorama will be scrollable within a 16:9 viewport.

You may place multiple panoramas on a single page by including additional image pairs in the filmstrip. The filmstrip should be arranged in this way:

Placeholder-1, Full-image-1, Placeholder-2, Full-image-2, etc.

To use, under Appearance > Staging, set Grid-type as “Reel: Panorama”.

The available options are:

The color of the block which indicates the current position in the sequence.

Border-color & Border
Controls the border surrounding the animation viewport.

Space Between Images
When multiple image pairs are used, controls the margin between images.

Continually repeat the animation when finished.

Allows the animate to be advanced forward and backward by click-and-dragging the mouse.

Allows the animation to be “flung” with inertia.

Reverses direction of the animation.

Display Caption
Display captions beneath each panorama. Metadata will be pulled from the second image in each pair (the panorama); captions are not displayed for the placeholder images.

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