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Video: Vimeo

To embed video from Vimeo, get the video ID from the video's web address.

For example, the typical Vimeo URL will look like this:

And you would just need to copy the ID –- 47564100 -– from the end, then paste it into Lightroom:

… then set a few options via the checkboxes. Easy, peasy.

As an additional step, you may wish to get correct width and height values for your video from Vimeo. On any Vimeo video, click the “Share” button, then click “Show Options” where it appears near the Embed section of the popup window. Dial in your desired width, then press the Tab key to move to another input field; Vimeo will automatically update the height for the correct aspect ratio. Use these values for your Native Video Width and Native Video Height within Lightroom.

See the Vimeo demonstration page.

Controlling the Video Size

The Native Video Width and Height controls are used to determine the aspect ratio of the video. The video itself will resize to fit the available space, whether wide on desktop or narrow on an iPhone, maintaining the correct aspect ratio.

To restrict the video to a specific size, scroll down to the Gallery / Media Area section, and set the Mantle or Core width to a fixed value. For example, you can set the Core Width to “fixed” and 640:

The widest this video will ever be is 640-pixels. Because we are using the Core Width, the video will sit in a full-width stage with our chosen background color. So in a 900-pixel space, the 640-pixel video would be centered with black borders:

If you don't want these black borders, set a fixed width to the Mantle instead.

Using CE4 Publisher

You may use CE4 Publisher to manage your Vimeo video pages. Configure CE4 Stage for Vimeo; you may leave the Vimeo Video ID blank. Export, and save your stage with an informative name, like “ce4-stage-vimeo”, then upload the saved folder to:


Back in the Library, under Publish Services, create an album. For Template, choose the CE4 Stage template you've just uploaded.

Click the Page Content tab, and enter the video ID:

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