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 ==== CE4 Cart ==== ==== CE4 Cart ====
 +Install and configure CE4 Cart as described in documentation. Recreate your products, etc.
 ---- ----
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 ==== CE4 Pages ==== ==== CE4 Pages ====
 +Basically, you will just want to overwrite your existing instance of CE3 Pages with the newer version'​s output. To ease this transition, however, there are some things you can do.
 +First, [[ttg_be_installation_setup|install and configure TTG BE]]. Be sure to set your contact information in the Admin Settings.
 +On your server, create a "​CE3"​ folder. We're going to move some things into this folder for safekeeping. This will allow us to rollback if necessary, and will allow us to use this files as reference. Into the ''/​CE3/''​ folder, move these files and folders:
 +Depending on your setup, some of these items may not exist.
 +What we've basically done is move all of our CE3 Pages assets out of the way. We have NOT moved the ''/​galleries''​ folder, though. Because our galleries are in there, and we want to keep those.
 +Now prepare your new site using CE4 Pages. If you want to reuse page copy from the older version, you may copy-and-paste your text from the old ''/​fragments''​ folder, which contains the copy for each of your pages.
 +EXPORT CE4 Pages to your desktop, then open the folder. Inside the ''/​galleries''​ folder, you will find three items, ''/​custom-thumbnails'',​ ''​gallery.xml''​ and ''​index.php'':​
 +Copy these three items into the ''/​galleries''​ folder already online. If there is an ''​index.html''​ file in the folder, delete it.
 +Now copy all of the other files and folder from the CE4 Pages export -- but not the ''/​galleries''​ folder; do not copy the ''/​galleries''​ folder! -- into the top-level of your website.
 +Visit your website, test the menu. Test the contact form. Make sure everything is working as it should.
 +If you're planning to use PHPlugins, then rename the ''/​phplugins-sample''​ folder to ''/​phplugins''​. We advise not copy-and-pasting your old PHPlugins functions wholesale, but you will probably want to use the older CE3 version as reference. You will probably be able to use many of the same functions, just making some updates or changes for CE4. Tackle each of your functions one-at-a-time,​ and consult [[home#​phplugins_extensibility_api|the new PHPlugins documentation]] as necessary during this process.
 +When you've finished all of this and are confident the older files are no longer of use, you may delete the ''/​CE3''​ folder. ​
 ---- ----
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